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In the jargon of Poclain veterans, concerning lovers of the brand and these machines, the term "Cracked Fondus" quickly spread. A nice way to distinguish the enthusiasts who are ready to do anything to keep the life of machines discarded from daily work or left abandoned at the bottom of barns and vacant lots.

Especially not a pejorative term, but rather friendly and reserved for true restoration artisans.

Our Foundation aims to safeguard all that concerns what remains of Poclain's physics (technical and commercial archives, photos and films) but also the know-how of the men and women still available, and who have lived their career professional in the company and wish to share their past experience.

There is a real "world" of Poclain enthusiasts, collectors of machinery, documentation models and photos of advertising objects. In the same way, it is possible to find specialized "Poclain" sites and forums on the Web where information and "tips" can be found and exchanged to find a spare part, a plan, a reference._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The Foundation only has what it has been able to save from the company, and does not have the possibility of providing a hydraulic motor, a cylinder, a starter, on the other hand it may have the spare part manual or maintenance, the plans of the Design Office and precise references of components corresponding to a machine whose type and serial number are known.

It also (and still) has the knowledge and skills of site and design office technicians who have worked in the company and on sites around the world and who are ready to give their time and experience.  

This is why we make available to those who wish it the possibility of finding help through this small group, ask your questions clearly (see contact document below), we will try to answer the best possible way to your problems, don't be too impatient, there are not many of us, and some searches take time.

You will also find below addresses of enthusiast forum sites that can also help you.    

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You are rehabilitating or renovating a machine in the Poclain range, you have a technical problem, you wish to have technical information, we may be able to help you with the help of our archives and the knowledge of the Poclain specialists of the Foundation.

Formulate your request correctly with the precise references of the material concerned,  this information is essential to carry out the research, we will try within our limits to help you and to answer you as soon as possible.

Be patient, there are not many of us, and research sometimes takes time.

The information is free, but in return, you have the possibility of helping us financially witha donation to the Foundation or membership in our association GENERATION DEUX. 

Technical Information Request

Thank you for what you sent !

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