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Discover the new models of T-shirt

dessin reduit TU tee-shirt.jpg

On a white T-shirt, with on the back, the drawing of a TU   loading a truck.

This original drawing from a period advertisement (probably from the years 1951-1952) testifies to the search for graphic quality already considered important, the line only underlines the important details, with a certain aestheticism that is unusual in the era for an industrial advertisement.

The T-shirt is sober on the front with a small "Poclain" logo in black letters and a red square! 

75 C B negatif tee-shirt noir reduit.jpg

On a black t-shirt:

On the back, the 3D drawing of a 75 CK B in retro equipment

The line drawings will be used to illustrate documents and advertising literature for the launch campaigns of the range 

The front of the Tee-shirt  only has a small Poclain logo in white letters and a red square

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