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They are not numerous, but very active, a very small team which takes care of putting old machines back on "tires or tracks" to constitute a fleet of machines at the top of the  _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_         _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ "presentation" as they were when they left the factory!

New paintings certainly but also a perfect state of operation to be able to move without problems.

Albert DELAIVE & Guy LAUDIJOIS are our two restoration specialists, juggling between cleaning, engine mechanics, hydraulics, electricity, welding, a whole section of research into the origins of each machine (plans and characteristics) and other activities that they discover as this new experience progresses.

It must be said all the same that they have been throughout their careers successively from Poclain to CASE and CNH, specialist "construction machinery" technicians working with our customers and agents in the 4 corners of the planet, with solid experience in the field. .

The purpose of each restoration is to have equipment in working order even if the components are worn, but the final presentation (paint and markings) must be at the top, the painting operations are carried out by a professional workshop (FGDPM) in DUVY, in the Oise, a company with modern industrial facilities that comply with current safety and environmental standards.   

The Foundation's current fleet of equipment is mainly made up of machines from

"donation", their owners not wishing to see the machines that have often marked their professional career go to the "breakage".

The Foundation thus has a fleet of equipment that is beginning to expand, with already a small collection of machines whose restoration has been completed:  

  • A retro-fitted TP300 mounted on a GMC "tourer cab" truck.

  • A TU retro equipment mounted on a GMC "panel cab" truck (Donated by Bernard BARRAUD, former Poclain dealer in La Rochelle).

  • An FC30 retro offset equipment 28'' Tracks.

  • A TY45 Equipment clamshell bucket (Donated by CAGNA, Compiègne).

  • A retro TX Equipment (Donated by LOPEZ & MORELLI, Santeny).

  • A TYS clamshell equipment.

  • A TC45 tracked 20'' clamshell equipment which is awaiting final painting.

  • A TU "hillock" bucket equipment (exhibited in front of the Foundation's headquarters)

  • A 2.50 m3 "beetroot" tracked wagon (exhibited in front of the Foundation's headquarters)

And a park on standby

The work is important because it requires assessing the size of the restoration, dismantling, repairing, researching and replacing electrical hydraulic mechanical components, upgrading the cowlings and cabins, elements that often have the suffered more when machinery is shut down or scrapped.

The Foundation's archives (plans, documentation, photos) make it possible to find much of the information needed for restorations, but sometimes you have to call on other Poclain enthusiasts who have rare or untraceable documents.

Rest to be restored

  • A TO B, retro equipment and dumpster (Donated by Mr MOURET).

  • A 115 P with retro equipment (Donated by Mr FINOT, Lizy/Ourcq).

  • A TU "Trirou" mound equipment, clamshell bucket (Maybe the No. 1?).

  • 2 x Manure spreaders.

  • A 5 t “trirou” “forage” trailer (gift from Mr Eugène BOUTAVENT, Boutencourt).

  • A 3 t “Trirou” dumper (Donated by Mr Ludovic CHARTIER, Le Plessis Belleville)

  • A small "Trirou" trailer with side panel (Donated by Mr Marcel CHARTIER, Le Plessis Belleville).

  • A "devil" (Gift of the DRUGEON family, Le Plessis Belleville).

The challenge is daunting, we are often asked to take back machines whose owners wish to part with and who are eager to find a solution other than scrapping a machine.

The reduced team of our specialists does not allow large-scale restoration, but the quality of the work carried out over the years has allowed us to participate in important events such as several INTERMAT in Villepinte, in ALBON in June 2022 during the big gathering collectors of old equipment (Poclain range and others)

  The Poclain Foundation is based on an "endowment fund", which has no funding and can only operate through donations and voluntary work by its team. The donation is the only way to enable the safeguarding of a national industrial heritage represented by the equipment created by Poclain in the years of its existence.     




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